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How Imura Apparel Began

Rachael Afolabi, the founder of Imura Apparel has a background in sewing and knitting from working in her mother's small business. She pursued an undergraduate degree in Industrial Design at Ahmadu Bello University, specializing in textile design, production, and manufacturing. In the 2010s, she started creating small-scale fashion products in New York City and slowly scaled up the business in 2020 by participating in a fashion show in Barcelona, Spain.


With an understanding of how the fashion industry's current practices are endangering our planet, Rachael adopted a sustainable fashion business model that combines education, design, and technology to create a brand that promotes responsible consumption and reduces waste in people's daily lives. Our brand focuses on eco-friendly, ethically sourced, and high-quality products, and we provide educational information about the continuity of our products.

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