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Welcome to the future home of Imura EcoStitch Fashion Tech Labs & Studios, where the future of sustainable fashion is taking root and blossoming in Braddock, Pennsylvania.


As recipients of the Braddock Business Community Initiative, we have the opportunity to breathe new life into a redevelopment project in Braddock, Pennsylvania.


Imura EcoStitch Fashion Tech Labs & Studios will be in a sprawling 5,320 sq ft space on Braddock Avenue. The labs and studios aim to stand as a testament to the evolution of fashion with the seamless union of sustainability, education, technology, and fashion.

More updates about the project throughout 2024.

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812 Braddock Avenue

We aim to transform the building into a sanctuary of innovation, where students and practitioners will work hands-on in developing eco-conscious creations with cutting-edge technologies.


Our mission is clear - to craft an ecosystem where sustainable fashion is propelled by technology and fortified by knowledge and practice.

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